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Register HSK Test offline
Step-by-Step Guide

Is there an HSK test center near you? Then you can register HSK test offline as well. Read this guide to find out how.

1. Official Site
Go to the official HSK test website www.chinesetest.cn. Search for your nearby test center.

2. Preparation
You will need to bring 2 two inch (40mm x 30mm) ID photos and a valid ID, such as your ID card, passport, driving license or residence permit. You will also need to pay an HSK test fee and registration fee, both nonrefundable, at the center. The amount may vary depending on the test center of your choice.

3. Test Registration
In the test center, you need to select the level (1 up to 6), form (paper-based or Internet based test), and pick a test center and test date. Some centers only arrange Internet based tests, if you are looking for paper based test, be sure to check the details of your center to find out whether they offer this option first.

4. Apply by courier
If there’s no HSK center near you, you could register for HSK test by courier. You will need to send a copy of your passport to the center, your resume including your Chinese and English names, nationality, sex and postal address, and 2 two-inch pictures of you. You also need to remit the necessary expenses to the center by cash order. Shortly after the center processes your application for registration, it’ll issue you the HSK Admission as well as the “HSK Examinees’ Handbook.” The time and venue of the HSK will be specified on the HSK Admission.


 Test Dates
Find out 2020 HSK test dates and registration deadline in 2020.

 Shanghai Test Centers
Find out location/address of all HSK test centers in Beijing.

 Beijing Test Centers
Find out location/address of all HSK test centers in Beijing.

 How to Register HSK Test Online?
Step-by-step guide on how to register HSK test online.

 HSK Level 1 Vocabulary List (Downloadable)
A handy, complete 150-word vocabulary list for HSK level 1.

 HSK Level 2 Vocabulary List (Downloadable)
A complete 300-word vocabulary list for HSK level 2.

 HSK Level 3 Vocabulary List (Downloadable)
A complete 600-word vocabulary list for HSK level 3.

 How to better prepare for HSK Test?
Insider tips for bettering preparing for HSK tests and getting better results.

 Mock Tests
Which HSK level are you at now? Find out by taking free mock tests. Available at all HSK 1-6 levels.

Want to take a preparation couse with over 90% HSK test success rate? Check out our HSK Preparation Course in Shanghai to discover what we offer!
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